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"Meredith is not your traditional anti-bullying spokesperson. She is a teenager turned model, actress, song-writer, and singer. She is not afraid to speak candidly about the ridicule she faced as a young teenager. She used these events as the inspiration for her self-written song, “The Game”. In this track, she sings about the importance of being true to oneself. She uses the stage as a platform to bring awareness to students about how their actions can negatively affect others, but she also shows how pursuing one’s dreams can help them develop confidence and find happiness."

 Angie M Watt, Clarkstown North Asst. Principal, Congers NY

 "The message is so important for the students and so is Meredith's story on a whole, and the lyrics of her beautiful songs are so very meaningful and a lot of the students can relate and can share their own memories and experiences. Your [program] is GREAT!"

 Frank Persico,  Teacher ABGS Middle School,  Hempstead, NY


Special guest at Pediatric Cancer walk
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Meredith O'Connor Performing on Main Stage at Tribeca Family Festival
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Taking the tour to Greece
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"Just The Thing" chosen as 2014 International Songwriting Competition Semi-Finalist

"Just the Thing" chosen out of 18,000 entries in this prestigious worldwide competition.

"Just the Thing-Alternate Ending" Nominated for Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Award
Ms. O'Connor named Celebrity Judge for Directing Change Film Contest

This year's judges will include distinguished film makers and members of the entertainment industry, including "Lord of the Rings" trilogy producers Mark Ordesky and Jane Fleming, Scott Budnick, executive producer of "Due Date" and "Starsky and Hutch", as well as James Lecesne, founder of The Trevor Project. Directing Change is also excited to anounce a partnership with the talented rising teen pop star Meredith O'Connor....

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Ms O'Connor is a Celebrity Performer at Couture Fashion Week in New York
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Songwriting magazine UK covers the tour!

 Meredith O'Connor is a rising teen pop star in the US, a purveyor of (in her own words) "pop with a country feel" whose videos have attracted over two million views on YouTube.  But Meredith's a rising pop star with a difference, because she's leveraging her appeal to young audiences to speak out about an issue close to her heart-bullying.

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CBS Channel One features Meredith

Even with her music blowing up on YouTube, and a nationwide tour going on, Meredith O’Connor comes off as a fairly normal teenager. This makes her a hit with the teens who identify with her songs, many of which deal with bullying and coming of age.

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One of thousands of comments from fans

Hi Meredith. I know the chances of you seeing this are SO slim, but here it goes... I don't know, tonight's been tough. I've been crying for three hours... At first over something my parents said, but then over everything wrong my life. I was just desperately scrolling through my phone, trying to find a reason to continue my 5 weeks clean of self harm when I stumbled across a comment on one of my photos. Someone told me to watch your video to your song "The Game" because it changed her life. And I watched it. And it changed my life, just like it changed her's. I didn't pick up my blades tonight, and I don't plan to for the remainder of the night. I know that might seem so insignificant to you, but to me, I've actually crossed a huge boulder. Because not picking up the blade tonight was the difference between life and death.... But the lyrics to your song picked me up tonight. I can't promise you that I'm not crying so hard I can't breathe, but the lyrics in your song... They're powerful. Yeah, I can't live off the promise that that tomorrow's gonna be a better day, but your video reminded me of the light at the end of the tunnel and I realized that pain ends. So thanks. Thanks for saving my life tonight. Thanks for being a singer, but using your voice for something larger than singing. Thanks for taking time out of your busy life to read this comment I've made with puffy eyes. The world needs more people like youcomment to Instagram post @meredithoconnor 2/1/2015