Singer. Actress. antibullying activist.

.From Manager Rick Galvin:  We are making a very pro-active one of a kind event!! I get calls and emails asking how can I get Meredith O'Connor come to my school or community and help? Kids in search of someone who will stand for them and stand by them so I thought why not bring this to the people so I am creating this event where you can share it and reach out to myself or Meredith O'Connor and get her booked at your school or your community. You can interact with everyone here and will post pictures of things that are going on from the start of this event till the end!! Email me at cgtalent@gmail.com if you want to book her or if you need my help get your school to book her. We think outside the box and we bring innovative ideas so get ready for a wild ride as this event will be going on from tonight till the day the tour ends, a date we will not know till sometime in the distant future!!!! So share with all of your friends and invite everyone and get ready for MEREDITH O'CONNOR'S WORLD ANTI-BULLYING SCHOOL TOUR!!!!


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"Just the Thing" World Tour

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