Worldwide Accolades for Multi-Award Winning, Congressionally Recognized Presentation


 "Thank you for creating an opportunity for us to meet with Ms. Meredith O’Connor today. Words cannot express the beautiful gift she imparted with us as she spoke with our students, sang her meaningful and moving songs, and visited with students.  Attached you will find just a few of the many pictures which were taken today.  In speaking with Mr. George Muriel, Assistant Director of Pupil Community Services for Montebello Unified School District, and Mr. Jose Avila, Rosewood Park School Principal, they were very impressed with Ms. Meredith O’Connor’s talents as a singer and an activist for anti-bullying/ mental health.  They both agree to get the message out: Ms. Meredith O’Connor’s songs, melody and lyrics, are a must listen and should be shared with our students throughout our school district. 

 It seems students today incorporate music in their everyday life; Ms. Meredith O’Connor’s songs are very important and transforming as they are relatable, genuine, and very sincere in depicting the struggles students face today, especially those who feel alone, troubled, and bullied.  Ms. Meredith O’Connor’s songs bring hope and a ray of sunshine to a teen’s life.I personally cannot say enough about Ms. Meredith O’Connor.  She is poised, wise, and mature beyond her years.  She exudes confidence and a very special spirit of kindness and compassion, which is translated in her song lyrics.  As the teachers shared their joy after the concert, one in particular commented, “This was the best Anti-bully Assembly ever!”  I believe this was a result of your efforts and especially Ms. O’Connor’s talent as an artist, who through music makes this a better world for our students.Thank you for arranging for Ms. O’Connor’s visit with us today.

With gratitude,Esther Cortes, Counselor M.S.  P.P.S.Rosewood Park School,, MUSD ext. 4721 "                   

"our deep felt thank you for her words, her passion and her impact on the nearly 2000 delegates from around the world."

Judith Cunningham Chief Strategic Officer, Montessori Model UN

"As coordinators of the European Anti-Bullying Network we shared with our European Partners our experience of working directly with Meredith towards empowering students at the school communities.  In this context, our intention is to have Meredith serve as one of the Ambassadors of the Network from the United States in order to raise awareness on bullying among school communities in Europe and contribute to our work against the phenomenon on a European scale.  Following our experience and common work with Meredith, I fiind her work extremely effective and a good example of reaching out to students and empowering them against bullying and we are looking forward to continuing and enriching this cooperation in the framework of our National and European anti-bullying work and future initiatives.               Faithfully, Konstantinos Giannopoulos, President, Board of Directors, Hemagelo.gr                                                             


"Meredith is not your traditional anti-bullying spokesperson. She is a teenager turned model, actress, song-writer, and singer. She is not afraid to speak candidly about the ridicule she faced as a young teenager. She used these events as the inspiration for her self-written song, “The Game”. In this track, she sings about the importance of being true to oneself. She uses the stage as a platform to bring awareness to students about how their actions can negatively affect others, but she also shows how pursuing one’s dreams can help them develop confidence and find happiness."   Angie M Watt, Clarkstown North Asst. Principal, Congers NY



 "The message is so important for the students and so is Meredith's story on a whole, and the lyrics of her beautiful songs are so very meaningful and a lot of the students can relate and can share their own memories and experiences. Your [program] is GREAT!"  Frank Persico,  Teacher ABGS Middle School,  Hempstead, NY