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Surviving and Thriving After Bullying

with Meredith O’Connor, International Teen 
Pop Star and Anti-bullying Icon

Meredith O’Connor's radio hit songs (including "Just the Thing" featured on Teen Nick as well as "Stronger" with Disney's Garrett Clayton) have sold out concerts all over the world with their positive and uplifting message. Her anti- bullying themed ballad "The Game" has had fans and students claim it changed and even saved their lives during challenges involving mental health and bullying. Countless recommendations from school administrators all over the world have declared that Meredith O'Connor's presentation is the most effective and relatable one they have ever brought in.  

As a well-known teen star, she gives students a once in a lifetime and memorable opportunity to hear her music, story, and advice on how to overcome bullying and embrace one's own unique attributes. Meredith hosts an interactive Q and A in the middle of her program, which has inspired students to feel comfortable enough to discuss serious matters in front of the entire audience, with parents and teachers thanking her for helping to foster such an environment.  

Meredith's slogan of "You are Not Alone" helps students that are her age and younger realize that they can look up to a role model who has experienced and overcome bullying and mental health challenges, and encourages them to tell the appropriate adults. At the end of each presentation, Meredith takes the time to sign autographs for the students, giving them an experience that stays with them, that they will never forget, and reminding them of lessons learned. 

See what you can bring to your students and staff in this important and entertaining presentation.