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Meredith O'Connor's music and influence is known for its game changing message that has taken the industry by storm. 



Full Speech Uploaded on Anti-Bullying Initiatives

As Meredith O'Connor fans know of her advocacy as well as her radio-hit songs, many claim her music anti-bullying message has changed and even saved  their lives. 

Meredith O'connor Guardian Angel Official Music Video

Meredith O'connor; Guardian Angel Official Music Video Up Now

Dedicated to The Carol Galvin Foundation, the Guardian Angel music video stars Meredith O'Connor, Elias Harger, Brian Austin Green, Maya Le Clarke and many more in the video that premiered during NYFW Hosted by Krista Allen.


Meredith O'Connor Deemed "Iconic" as an Anti Bullying Advocate by the APCC and The City of Los Angeles

Meredith O'Connor's anti-bullying movement has impacted lives all over the world as well as the way the music industry approaches the topic today. Meredith O'Connor was recognized as being a leader in the music industry alongside keynotes such as Doris Kearns Goodwin and Salman Khan and more as being leaders in their fields. 

International Accolades

Konstantinos Giannopoulos, President, Board of Directors, Hemagelo.gr


 "As coordinators of the European Anti-Bullying Network we shared with our European Partners our experience of working directly with Meredith towards empowering students at the school communities.  In this context, our intention is to have Meredith serve as one of the Ambassadors of the Network from the United States in order to raise awareness on bullying among school communities in Europe and contribute to our work against the phenomenon on a European scale.  Following our experience and common work with Meredith, I fiind her work extremely effective and a good example of reaching out to students and empowering them against bullying and we are looking forward to continuing and enriching this cooperation in the framework of our National and European anti-bullying work and future initiatives. 

Quotes from Counselors, Superintendents and Principals on her visiting Colleges and K-12 Tours as additional stops on world tour


It seems students today incorporate her music in their everyday life; Ms. Meredith O’Connor’s songs are very important and transforming as they are relatable, genuine, and very sincere in depicting the struggles students face today, especially those who feel alone, troubled, and bullied.  Ms. Meredith O’Connor’s songs bring hope and a ray of sunshine to a teen’s life.I personally cannot say enough about Ms. Meredith O’Connor.  She is poised, wise, and mature beyond her years.  She exudes confidence and a very special spirit of kindness and compassion, which is translated in her song lyrics.  As the teachers shared their joy after the concert, one in particular commented, “This was the best Anti-bully Assembly ever!”  I believe this was a result of your efforts and especially Ms. O’Connor’s talent as an artist, who through music makes this a better world for our students.Thank you for arranging for Ms. O’Connor’s visit with us today.

With gratitude,Esther Cortes, Counselor M.S.  P.P.S.Rosewood Park School,, MUSD ext. 4721 "      

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Just the Thing (Alternate Ending)

Meredith O'Connor's Radio Hit Song Ft. Degrassi's Luke Bilyk: "Just the Thing"