~Meredith O'Connor Updates~Music loved by millions Internationally~

'You're Not Alone'

The upcoming star studded single is a monumental movement for anti-bullying and mental health intended to benefit charities in line with its cause by spreading awareness through a star studded roster of talent providing vocals from all over the world.

From Grammy nominated and Grammy winning vocalists, Broadway stars, to international pop stars known by millions, 'You're Not Alone' is the single that aims to inspire fans from the likes of all the stars that have joined the song during the fundraiser that will release the song within the timeline for Grammy eligibility. The expected extensive media coverage will contribute to the mass awareness that lies in the inspirational lyrics of the song. 

While the Music Video Includes Stars Around the Globe

With the music video including closeups of celebrities all over the world, including the United Kingdom, Austria, South Africa, Ukraine, South America, Russia, Italy, the United States, and more, 'You're Not Alone' will connect artists in one music video all singing the lyrics to this monumental single.

The Song's Production Includes Some of Music's Most Prominent Producers, Along with Significant Star Power and Media Coverage That is Already Set in Place

Produced by Gary Miller, written by Heather Holley and Meredith O'Connor, some of musics most legendary and iconic stars have already signed on and recorded their vocals, in-studio music video clips, and done interviews with Global Positive News to be released in conjunction with the premiere and fundraiser anticipated to be in October, during anti-bullying month. Stay tuned for details on the premiere, and the complete roster of this cause driven and star powered single sharing to the world, 'You're Not Alone'.